Thursday, May 3, 2012

What’s the Problem with Earmarks?

First let’s define what an “earmark” is. An earmark is “A provision in a piece of Congressional legislation that directs specified federal funds to specific projects, programs, organizations, or individuals.”

In 2010 according to EndingSpending .com, Representative Doug Lamborn inserted 4 (solo) earmarks for a total of $11,700,000, in combination with others (6) $16,020,000. With the current debt at $15,508,094,699,053 and growing every second (this figure is out of date the second you type it) earmarks are a big deal.

The bigger deal is that we have a congressman here in District 5 Colorado that touts his conservatism but then spends as if we have the money to do so. If this is conservatism it makes you wonder, what is the definition of conservative? The real problem is we no longer send people to congress that want to serve the constituency and the country; they are there to serve themselves. The founders of our nation would be appalled. “Bringing home the bacon” as was often the role of congress has never been a good idea or constitutional. It has been an accepted practice by inside Washington politicians that has simply been a way to pay for votes. It is a practice of taking one hard working individuals tax dollars and giving those dollars to a “preferred” constituent of the congressman. Think about that for a moment.

The practice of earmarks is appalling! The Tea Party is the result of concerned Americans gathering together to put an end to the federal government’s unconstitutional excesses. One of the goals is to rid the federal government of inside politicians and send citizen legislators to congress to end the insanity. And it is insanity. If you don’t realize that we are spending ourselves into oblivion, you are insane. If you continue to participate in these earmark practices as a sitting congressman you are supporting the fiscal insanity. That is not what conservatives do.

People do not want to hear about how their congressman has secured funds for pet projects in their district or state. The entire process has to stop. If a project impacts the country it deserves federal funds, if it impacts the state it should be funded at the state level. Most programs today would have been determined to be unconstitutional before the FDR administrations assault on the Supreme Court, and the willingness of the people to allow for the “redistribution of wealth” through social programs at a time of government induced crisis. The same atmosphere of government induced crisis is permeating the political climate today and is causing people to turn their heads away from the constitution. But not the Tea Party.

We must send a message to every representative regardless of party that the days of paying off your supporters are over. Abiding by the constitution is payment enough. If we can return to the original limited intent of the founders we will thrive again. We can only make that change if we change the people in congress. All of the people in congress that have shown a lack of commitment to our founding principles. Earmarks are not a founding principle of this great nation.

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