Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What is Doug Lamborn’s Excuse?

You might expect democrats to travel on the dime of lobbyists but for conservatives there is no excuse. The fact that Doug Lamborn has now been exposed for taking trips with his wife, staying at top notch hotels is a telling tale of a man that has forgotten the conservative mission and values of the movement. He is the perfect example of how everyone gets sucked into the out of touch normality’s of DC politicians, lobbyists, and federal workers.

In DC it is normal to be wined and dined by people that have an interest in getting to know you for the sole purpose of getting legislation passed for their group. They do that by gaining influence with congressmen and women who vote on the legislation they are promoting. No matter how you slice it, “education” junkets, “fact finding” junkets, a junket is a junket and they come with perks. The firs perk is the fact that congressmen and their spouses travel and eat for free. Nice perk if you can get it! The hotels, food, and transportation are the finest and nothing is left for chance. Every opportunity is utilized by the lobbyists to get face time with the representative to remind them who is paying and what the cause needs to move forward.

The thing Lamborn has forgotten is that it doesn’t matter if the cause is one that conservatives support, it is the fact that our congressman should not be flying around the world on the dime of an influence peddler. If the cause is worth the support it should get our support. If the congressman feels he wants to learn more about the cause he can spend part of the $175,000 salary we pay them to do so. The bottom line is Lamborn has been in DC too long and we need a fresh change of congressman.

Conservatives can’t say it is OK to fly around on a lobbyist’s dime when it is in support of a conservative cause and then criticize big spending democrats. The bottom line is we need a new direction in DC which is cuts in every department of the federal government including waste and abuse in the defense contracting process. There are no sacred cows when you are spending the incredible amounts of hard earned taxpayer treasure we are currently spending. We don’t need this much spending at the federal level.

Doug Lamborn can use all the excuses he wants but they all ring hollow to people that believe in constitutional government and true conservatism. The voters of CD5 will decide in about a month whether we send Lamborn back into a culture he seems to be getting comfortable in or send someone that wants to change that culture, Robert Blaha. It is a choice we should consider very carefully as conservatives.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! This is so true, we need new people in congress who have a clear head and get stuff done! I'm all for Blaha