Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Passionate Conservative

If you are tired of conservatives that can’t seem to express the conservative message, I have a candidate for you. Here in Colorado Congressional District 5 we have the opportunity to send to congress not only a conservative but a VOICE for conservatism.

How many times have you been frustrated by conservatives that can’t seem to communicate our message? How many times have you been disappointed in the way conservatives frame the issues in Washington DC? How many times have you wished someone with the communication skills of a Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved, Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin were representing you in congress? It is one of my greatest frustrations as a passionate conservative!

Last night I interviewed Robert Blaha, conservative candidate for the GOP seat in D5 Colorado. He is running against incumbent conservative Doug Lamborn. But just like what is likely to happen to incumbent Richard Lugar in the Indiana GOP primary, I suggest we have the same opportunity here in Colorado to oust Doug Lamborn. Too many conservatives have forgotten why they are in DC. We need to send fresh conservative blood willing to stand and fight for conservatism. As Robert says, “not just with a vote - but with a voice.”  With any luck we can send another businessman to help Mitt Romney repeal Obama Care and implement a business friendly federal policy.

Doug Lamborn is attacking Robert Blaha and his businesses and business record. I ask you; what conservative is anti-business? Why has Doug Lamborn decided to take to personal attacks like the current president is doing in his campaign? Attacking business is what democrats do, not conservative republicans. So I ask the voters of CD5, why would we send Doug Lamborn back to congress? Don’t we need a person who can articulate business principles but more importantly has lived in the private sector and has been extremely successful in business in congress?

I challenge you to listen to Robert in this interview and come to any other conclusion that it is time to send a well-spoken, passionate, conservative, successful business person to congress. Mitt Romney is going to be looking for help implementing a business friendly agenda when we elect him this November, and he will have to look no further for help and guidance than our own freshman congressman Robert Blaha - if we choose to send him.

It is not a time in our country’s history to be timid about doing what is right for this country. Sending back a congressman that has no private sector business experience, has little passion for engaging his constituency, and has no respect for the thriving businesses in this community for another term makes little sense. It is time for bold initiatives and action.

It is time to send someone that will be able to fight and communicate our message to the congress and the rest of America. It is time to send Robert Blaha to congress. I hope you will join me so we no longer have to hope a conservative can defend our message, we will have a spokesperson that can put us on the offensive and we can be proud to be part of the conservative movement in Washington DC and here in Colorado District 5…

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