Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good News and a Strategy for Mitt…

Mitt is the best candidate for the general election in my opinion. Before you get angry and start to craft a response about the other candidates being more conservative hear me out.

Last night to my surprise my wife, a nurse, and a great sample of the passive voter, although she leans conservative in her lifestyle, gave me her analysis of the GOP field. This was the first debate she watched, and the fact she was watching the debate nearly floored me. She explained her impression of the candidates with instinct pundits would envy.

She discounted Ron Paul and wondered why he was on the stage. I did my best to explain his positions although she liked his answer on the end of life question because she is a hospice nurse dealing with death frequently.

Rick Santorum impressed her with his answers and his style but said he didn’t have the good stage presence. I explained his background as a Senator and my concern about his executive experience but I could vote for him (as would she) without holding our noses.

Newt Gingrich rubbed her the wrong way. She instinctively did not like his demeanor, body language or look. She said he looks and acts like Ted Kennedy. We lived in Massachusetts for many years and I worked on Mitt’s campaign against Ted so she knows Ted. She asked if he was a “dirty” politician? I did not know how to answer that. But it was telling. She found him to be angry.

She was immediately impressed with Mitt Romney’s stage presence, demeanor, and message. She liked him right away. She connected with the message of being a business man and not a politician. He looked like he could be president right now. She really liked the forcefulness but respectful way he answered the opening questions. He was her pick hands down.

The strategy for Mitt needs to be to become more deliberate and take a forceful posture when discussing the issues. He should not change his style of response except for the passion behind it. My wife was really impressed with Mitt and asked me what my problem with Mitt is?

My problem with Mitt is actually my problem. I am angry at the direction, the media, and the people running this country and I want a fighter that is going to kick some a_ _. That may make me feel good but it is not presidential to the casual voter.

For Mitt to beat Newt he needs to explain how capitalism and limited government is the path to success. That governing as an executive is experience that very few people have including Newt. It is one thing to come up with ideas and another to know how to implement them. Executives implement. Newt is definitely a thinker as he suggests in all of the committees and groups he has formed or been a part of. But we only need a couple of ideas to be implemented and we need someone that knows how to focus and get the job done. We don’t need a president that gets distracted by too many ideas and then never gets anything done. I think that is Newt in a nutshell.

Mitt: Don’t go low. Stay on a positive message of capitalism as a successful launching pad to prosperity. We need to downsize government and to improve efficiencies in Washington DC. That is your strength. Say it with force and passion…


Anonymous said...

I’ve been able to watch most of the debates and Monday’s did not give a good overview of what’s been happening in debates over the last number of months.

You did state correctly:

"The strategy for Mitt needs to be to become more deliberate and take a forceful posture when discussing the issues. He should not change his style of response except for the passion behind it"

You pegged Mitt's problem - he lacks passion - so that translates to a lack of conviction, he's not forceful - does he not have a backbone? He sounds over rehearsed - does he believe what he's saying? And it goes on. When I listen to Mitt I only hear McCain and Dole. The go-alongs-to-get-alongs, the nice guys, that’s the establishment - and that's a loser in the general election. If we want to win in November we don’t need a nice guy who looks good to win - we need a bold, fearless nominee to beat Obama - my hope is that it’ll be Gingrich or Santorum.

However, if Mitt should become the nominee I will absolutely vote for him - anyone is going to be better than what we have now.

Rich said...

I agree on most points about Mitt. I do however believe he is not a Dole or McCain. I don't believe Mitt is the "establishment" candidate. If he was why is the establishment pushing for another candidate to enter the race? They are pushing Daniels and Jeb Bush to get into the race. I will tell you this: If the GOP nominates Bush or Daniels I will vote 3rd party. We will take the Senate and hold the House to neutralize a second Obama term. The GOP is a disfunctional party and it kills me to have to vote for them to beat Obama but unfortunately that is the reality...

Anonymous said...

I believe there are too many similiarties with Mitt and Caine. The establishment cannot give us winner. They only push wimps at us. We need someone who is not apologetic about conservatism. Mit is not a fighter. He wants to be liked. Newt is a fighter. Santorum is a fighter. I believe Newt has come up in the poles as well asSantorum because they both have passion and conviction and are not afraid to stand strong on conservatism. Mitt seems almost ashamed of his wealth. Why? Wealth is good. No crime in making money and lots of it. He needs to stand strong and proud and want to provide the same opportunity for every American. Contrast Conservatism with Obama's socialism. If the contest were about looks and presence then Mitt comes in first, Santorum Second, Newt third and Ron Paul last but the contest is not about looks or presence. If people want there vote to count they should pay attention. If they are not interested in understanding the issues and the candidates position then I say they should not bother going to the poles. We need people who take their constitutional right to vote serious. Our Country is in real trouble. We are heading for true socialism and we need someone who can turn the tide.