Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Keystone Pipeline…

Is there ever going to be another energy project approved by democrats? Has it ever been more obvious that this administration is in direct opposition with the citizens of this nation?  Can we be this blind and suicidal to allow this president to stop the Keystone Pipeline project?

I am befuddled how we allow this administration to trample the laws of this nation, libel the Nation’s history and intentions, and continue to steal the future generation’s ability to be prosperous.  This president believes success is about luck, everyone deserves the same results of their work no matter how hard the individual works or even if they work, and he supports organizations that hate this country, namely environmental nuts.

Even his usually supportive union members are showing signs of discontent. My guess is he will buy them off with our tax dollars in some other way. It will be expensive because this pipeline project is estimated to create 20K jobs. My guess is most of the rank and file would rather be out there getting their hands dirty with a good job building the pipeline rather than some payoff scheme. But the bosses will determine their future as they always do.

My true anger is with every republican in congress. There were many elected in 2010 that were sent to change Washington. “Chirp” “Chirp” Where are they? Where is their outrage? When will they start speaking out beyond the current whisper?

Twenty thousand potential jobs for our citizens have been nixed because of a small group of radicals with the support of a radical president. When will our representatives stand up for the majority?

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