Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mitt, Remember When…

Dear Mitt:

It is time for you to take off the gloves and get ready for a barrage of attacks that will make the Senate race against Ted Kennedy in 1994 look like child’s play. I was there outside Faneuil Hall in Boston supporting you at one of the debates and experienced firsthand the vitriol and lies the democrats are capable of and are already being unleashed in this campaign.

Debbie Wasserman, the DNC mouthpiece that rarely speaks the truth, is laying the groundwork and no one is counter attacking. Where are the counter attacks? I know the RNC should be responding but the bottom line is you are the most likely nominee and therefore these lies will impact you the most.

You need to stop saying “Obama is a nice guy”, “I have nothing personal against Obama”, “He is misguided in his policies” or any phrase of the sort. Obama is out to destroy this country. Treat him as such and make it known every time you speak of him that he is aligned with people that hate what America stands for. Believe me you will be rewarded for stating the truth about him.  One of the voters biggest concerns about you is the feeling you will not take the fight to the president, and when you use the phrases above it only supports the skeptical voter’s perception of you.

Being honest is not going to repel the “independent” voter. Being too politically correct will repel all voters. You need to emphasize the deep divide between conservatism and this president. You need to be unabashed in describing the president as he is: a willing advocate for the transformation of this nation from a free market economy to a big centrally governed economy out of step with both the people and the constitution.

Be bold, decisive, honest, and less of a gentleman when it comes to speaking about the president. You don’t have to be nasty but you must understand this president knows exactly what he is doing to our economy and this nation…

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