Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Newt at His Best…

I wish Newt never went after Mitt with an angle that questioned the value of our capitalist economic system. He was at his best in the most recent debate and showed why conservatives have been holding on to hope that they could vote for him. I still question his ability to stay on message. He needs to avoid the temptation to bash or question conservative positions in front of the main stream media. When conservative positions are promoted and delivered as he did in this debate, they uplift and energize the conservative base.

I don’t know if it’s too late for him to surge but a few more debates like that and we will have a true head to head race. I think he is the only one left in the GOP field with a glimmer of hope to bring Mitt Romney down to earth.

Ron Paul is a true constitutionalist but a cranky old man that goes off subject or mixes thoughts which often seem as if he may have issues with memory or clarity. And his foreign policy bothers most.

Rick Perry has been losing support since the day he announced. That was his high and he needs to get out of the way. We don’t need another Governor from Texas so soon after the last one.

Rick Santorum has the problem that the more you see him the more you feel like you may not like him. You may like him but you’re really not sure. He is a very dedicated social conservative but I think we need to stay focused on the economy. Many conservatives don’t think you can separate the two and I don’t necessarily disagree but we need a campaign focused like a laser beam on the contrast of economic vision. Any republican will be better on social issues than Obama.

If the GOP was smart there would be an effort to move this to the two men Mitt and Newt as quickly as possible. The votes in South Carolina should be the indication of which two should stay in the race. I know they all believe they could be a better president than the current one and I agree. But the reality is we need a clear contrast of ideas in the primary and by having just Mitt and Newt we can finally see if Mitt really is the guy.

After last night I am not sure…

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