Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich not worthy!

“Vulture Capitalism” is the argument both candidates are using to elevate their campaigns against Mitt Romney. The problem is they have given us a view into their true feelings about capitalism and should be kicked out of the Republican Party. I can see the commercials now in the general election with both Rick and Newt being used as pawns to defeat Mitt. Despicable.

Mitt may not be the perfect candidate, but capitalism is the perfect answer to our economic problems. When these supposed republicans start criticizing our economic system they undermine our abilities to reform a federal government that is bloated to the degree of collapse. The market system is the answer to every ill we have in our economy, and by feeding into the left wing propaganda, these candidates feed the fire of the radical wing of the left which influences the casual voters about the failures of capitalism. We need a candidate that is unapologetic about capitalism!

As my previous post states, capitalism is the reason we can be the most compassionate people on earth. Take away capitalism and you will destroy all of the greatness of this nation.   

Newt Gingrich is an angry man with a lack of discipline which will not make for a good president. Yes we want a fighter, but a fighter with the ability to be strategic about the fight. Rick Perry needs to go back to Texas where he belongs. The nation doesn’t need another Governor from Texas at this point and his poll numbers prove he excites very few voters. Time to save face and go home.

Ron Paul has actually elevated his status by the way he defended Mitt against these disturbing attacks. I like what Paul has done to keep the constitutional argument alive. I don’t want him as the nominee but he adds to the argument. If Ron were to hand the baton to Rand I would be all over it.

After last night’s speech by Romney I have to say he has the right stuff to beat a president that will be spending a billion dollars to beat his opponent. To all of Mitt’s critics I ask you this: If Mitt has Marco Rubio as VP, would that influence your vote? To me that will be the best case scenario at this point…


Anonymous said...

This blog was 100% on the money!

Rich said...

Thank you!