Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Island of Misfit Politicians…

Watching the State of the Union last night was a painful exercise.  This president is invested in convincing Americans that this country would be nothing if not for the Federal Government’s intervention. He packaged it in “team” rhetoric but the underlying principle was that individuals can’t do it by themselves. In order to succeed Americans had to have help in their pursuits. It is a weak argument but it is telling about this President’s attitude toward the Constitution.

My question is: Is there any area of American life that the Federal Government should not have a role in? As a constitutional voter, I find the entire premise of today’s political class in Washington, that there seems to be no consideration of constitutional limits, to be appalling. I feel like I am alone all too often. I feel like we are losing our competitive edge which has always been a limited role for government and a starring role for the individual. It pains me to watch this president defend the poverty and despair the government has inflicted on the citizens, especially poor citizens of this nation.

Doe this president not see the squalor of our inner cities? Does this president not see the failure of government education to educate? Does this president not see the debt and deficit that will sink this country for decades? Does this president think we are stupid?

I fret that maybe we are when it comes to politics. When people don't take the time to think about politics instead of taking what is said on its emotional appeal, most people are easily fooled. A handsome messenger with a feel good message no matter the results is what sells in campaigns.

As I observed the people elected to political office at the State of the Union I felt I was looking at the Island of Misfit Politicians. Tell them what they want to hear no matter what the results are seems to be the MO of DC.

The response of Mitch Daniels for the GOP was a great speech full of content. The messenger was weak and is being encouraged by the GOP elites to join the race for president. I will never vote for a GOP injected candidate that has not campaigned from the beginning unless the entire current field resigns. I would vote 3rd party before supporting this dysfunctional Republican Party.

It has become really depressing for the people that care about this country and understand what is happening in the world of politics. I am not optimistic at this point…

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