Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Constitution and Healthcare…

The constitution protects the liberties of Americans as individuals by limiting the power of the central government. The constitution is specific in describing the powers delegated to the federal government to insure the protection of our liberty. The current healthcare debate in itself is unconstitutional because the government has no authority to take over healthcare. But specifically we need to look at three major infringements of our rights.

The first is the punitive damages in the healthcare bill that will fine and imprison citizens for not purchasing health insurance. Think about this carefully; the government that works for you are going to put you in jail if you decide to forgo health insurance even if you can pay your doctor directly for his/her services. Which is the second problem; contracts between doctors and patients.

It is our constitutional rights to contract for services between individuals. The healthcare bill is about to infringe on our right to enter into a contract with our doctors and hospitals. The federal government is going to take away your right to contract healthcare directly with insurance companies and doctors. Think again very carefully; if they can steal your right to contract with your doctor or insurance company, can they take away your right to contract for buying your house and property?

The final point here is taking away our right to end of life care and basically deciding whether or not your life is worth spending medical resources on, even if you can pay for them. What happened to our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Think about being looked at not as an individual but an investment of the government. If you have enough years as a taxpayer left, you will be considered a good investment for healthcare services. If you are on Social Security, Medicare, no longer work, you are no longer a “benefit” to society, you are now a “drain” on society. Your ability to acquire the medical services necessary to live will be determined by a panel of federal bureaucrats. Our founders would be appalled as we should be. Stopping this healthcare bill is a matter of life and death; literally.

Is this the constitutional government our ancestors died for? Is this limited government? Or is this insanity?

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