Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Constitutional Revolution…

We need a constitutional convention not to change the constitution but to learn what it means. I am tired of listening to federal representatives invoking the constitution when convenient and ignoring it when proposing programs. These people are constitutionally ignorant and need an education.

We need a national conference on the meaning of our constitutional government. It is not just free speech and the right to bear arms, it is so much more. We have treated the constitution as sound bites used to make arguments but we fail to understand the comprehensive nature of the documents true value. It needs to be argued in the context it was created and why it was created.

• It was created to insure a common defense against foreign enemies.
• It was created to insure regular trade among the states and foreign nations.
• It was created to insure the debts of our national security and enumerated powers could be paid by the federal government without being beholden to state politics.
• It was created to develop a framework that would allow individuals and states to thrive economically in an environment of freedom.
• It was created to insure against tyranny and abuse of power.

We too often confuse government responsibility and charity. The government was never intended to be a charity. It was never intended to be a welfare state. It was never intended to be a troth of power and money that could be leveraged by the powerful and wealthy.

We need a constitutional revolution. One that will change the way we view our constitution. It is not just sound bites and slogans. It is the law of our land and we need to become law abiding again…

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