Friday, November 20, 2009

The Tenth Amendment’s Power…

Our U.S. Constitution would never have come to fruition without the “Bill of Rights” (the first ten amendments) because the founders and other influential individuals would have never supported ratification without these amendments written specifically into the Constitution. The country had just rejected tyranny, and wanted explicit guarantees that this new government would not become the same government they had just shed their blood and treasures to defeat. They knew the propensity for government to steal the freedom of individual citizens, and they wanted to insure tyranny could never happen again.

The tenth and final amendment was seen as their “guarantee.” A way to contain the federal government from over stepping its bounds. If not for the tenth amendment, we may have never become the country we ended up being because it convinced the people of the time that because of the tenth it was safe to ratify.

How times have changed. But the tenth amendment still remains the most important tool today to take back the rights that the federal government has usurped throughout the years. It is simple in concept and clear in its language, and will again play a critical role in our history. I believe and am campaigning on the fact that the only way to stop the federal takeover of our lives is through the state government apparatus utilizing the tenth amendment. It is the law of the land and we must enforce the law.

It doesn’t matter that the amendment has been ignored to get us to where we are today, it is still clear in its purpose; to maintain political power close to the people and with the individual. It is now the responsibility of the states and the Governors to re-establish our fundamental law of the land. It is time for boldness, it is time for courage, and it is time to risk our lives and fortunes.

We are not to the point of armed revolution but we are clearly at the point of decisive and bold action to prevent this current expansion of federal power which is crushing our individual and state rights. It is a revolution but it is a revolution to reaffirm our constitutional government.

Our current crisis has been caused by our drifting from these founding principles. We must return and it is not too late. It is actually the beginning. People are waking up to the fact that we need to return to the constitution and its principles. We have seen the expansion of federal power and it is not a future we support. We have the opportunity to reinvigorate our constitutional form of government because we have the people’s attention.

We must not let this opportunity pass. We must support people committed to the constitution. We must forget about parties and find candidates that have committed their lives to the constitution. Give them your attention and we can re-institute our bill of rights by utilizing the tenth amendment.

We will win this battle if we commit our lives the way the founders did. If that scares you it should. We are at the point of losing our way of life. We are at the point that we must decide. We are in good company and we have the perfect foundation; the tenth amendment of our United States Constitution…

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Jim Bowery said...

We can take control of the House of Representatives to restore the 10th Amendment in the next election cycle. To see how, visit Laboratory of the States.