Monday, November 9, 2009

When Will We Learn?

The information about the Fort Hood murders is now flowing, and the information is disturbing to say the least. I believe with my entire heart we have allowed 13 murders to happen due to political correctness in our handling of Muslims. Even with evidence that Major Hasan was in contact with terrorist sympathizers, and al Qaeda, Army leaders were intimidated, whether self imposed or institutional, which lead to the deaths of these American patriots.

Radical Muslims are telling us they hate us and want to kill us, and we continue to behave as if this is just some kind of irrelevant chatter. When will we learn? This is not about targeting a religious group, it is about protecting ourselves from a group of people that fundamentally hate us. It is about facts and behavior. The fact is that the religion of Islam is the foundation for the terrorism that is happening around the world. The behavior tells us we must be prepared to defend ourselves against people that have engaged in the philosophy of radical Islam.

We need to face the facts. When a Muslim in this country is vocal about their motives, we need to take them seriously. Otherwise; our soldiers and citizens die.

The military has become politicized to the point of disaster. That must change if we are to survive…

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