Monday, November 16, 2009

The Greed of Government…

Politicians often lecture us about the greed of business and how they can’t be trusted to do the right thing. But if we think about it, how can a “greedy” corporation be greedy? If you think making money and profits is inherently greedy; maybe you can think that, but private business can’t take your money unless you choose to buy their product or service.

Government is the only “organization” that can legally forcefully take your money for what they believe is best for that money. Businesses can’t take your money to give it to the people they think should get it. Business can’t force you to buy their brand. Business can’t just raise their prices and expect you to pay the increase even if you don’t use their service.

You see, government is the greediest entity ever created. They take your money even when you are making less because they need to create more programs. Government takes your money to give to people around the world even when Americans are suffering. Government takes the money you earn from your family to save “greedy” corporations like GM, to give to the unions and management that have run the company into bankruptcy.

Government can never take a pay cut, benefit cut, even at the expense of hurting the people that pay their salaries (we the taxpayers). Government employees continue to receive out of balance pension and health benefits even while we in the private sector have to pay more for ourselves for the same benefits. And to top it off, when we who pay the bills have the gall to question the pay and benefits of the people that work for us; we are branded greedy and heartless.

So I ask you; who is the greedy one?

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