Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Josh Penry Drops Out…

Josh Penry dropped out of the Colorado governor’s race, and his letter to his supporters was very revealing. Josh seems like a good guy trying to do what he feels is right for the citizens of Colorado, but because of party politics he has chosen to bow out. I don’t pretend to know his motives but if he really believed he was the right man for the job he should have given the voters a chance to choose.

Party politics continues to weed out candidates before the voters get a chance to decide who is best. A very limited group of party activists control the destiny of this country in too many states. This is not a criticism of the people; it is a criticism about the process. No longer are parties interested about what is best for the people, it is about what is best about the party. Us and them, them and us, and never about we the people.

The parties keep us divided so they have an enemy they can use to raise money. They keep us divided so they can hide the real goal of party politics; power. Power to do what? Power to control you.

I say to Josh Penry; show your kids through example that standing up for your personal principles is bigger than a party winning a seat. Look your kids in the eyes and ask yourself if you are the right guy for the job? Are you the best candidate for their future?

I look my kids in the eye and with complete confidence know I am the right guy for the job. I am sure you feel the same way. Let’s come together not as party candidates but the right candidates, doing what is right for the next generation.

Josh; get back in the race and run this one for the kids. They deserve a better government with better candidates that have their interest in mind; not the party’s best interest…

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