Friday, December 4, 2009

All Jobs are Green…

This administrations obsession with creating “green jobs” is a testament to their lack of understanding true human nature. All people care about, is that the job they have at the end of the pay period, pays them in “green” dollars. And the more of them the better!

When people are out of work they could care less about the types of jobs being created. They just want an opportunity to work. And if the job is a “green” job so be it. But if the focus is on just “creating” “green jobs” and that focus is actually killing jobs, then people will tell you to stick your green job policy right where the sun don’t shine.

This is what happens when you get government bureaucrats and leftist supporters together to talk about jobs. They don’t have the first clue about what a real job is or how it is created. And to compound the problem, they have left out two organizations that represent real job creators.

The Chamber of Commerce and the International Association of Independent Businesses, two of the largest organizations that represent business were shunned from the “job creation” summit at the White House yesterday. Why were they shunned? Because they both support free markets and are skeptical about government intrusion in the private sector.

So who was talking about creating jobs with a focus of “green jobs” if the people that actually create most of them were not represented? The attendees included union organizations, government bureaucrats, and liberal CEO’s of large corporations.

It is interesting that jobs keep vanishing but it is not surprising when 92% of this administration comes from the government sector and academia. Two “industries” that wouldn’t know how to create a job unless they were given the taxpayer’s money to “create” one.

As Governor of Colorado, I will, with the legislature and citizen’s help reduce the federal government’s scope and get them out of the way of free markets and freedom. The best idea they could come up with at this summit would be to cut the federal bureaucracy by 50%, reduce taxes to a flat rate of 18%, and stop the healthcare fiasco that will destroy all jobs including those coveted “green Jobs”.

We need to stop allowing the feds to steal our future. Get involved so we can create millions of jobs in every sector including the “green" sector…

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