Saturday, December 5, 2009

I need your help…

Can someone tell me how to get people to pay attention to my campaign? I believe I have the message, I am principled, fairly educated, a dedicated family man, and a successful business man.

People seem to want a change from the politics as usual but they continue to vote for the same old same old. I truly don’t get it? I know you have to get your message out but it seems that many people are searching for different candidates but they are not supporting any except for party candidates. How can we expect change if we keep supporting the parties that have made this mess? Even radio personalities that I respect make the argument for supporting the Republican Party that has failed us over and over.

The republicans are arguing they are the party to stop the current assault on the American Dream but when they were in charge, where were they on the issues? They were pushing open borders, they were afraid to stand up to the global warming hoax until recently with the revelation of falsified data, and they kept growing government at every level. What makes anyone believe they have changed? To me it’s like supporting an alcoholic. We keep enabling the behavior by giving them the means to have another drink. Except we keep giving them our votes.

I am planning to petition onto the ballot, and I hope at that point people pay attention. But it seems hypocritical to me that all of these pundits and voters keep talking about how the parties have failed us but they keep supporting them. Maybe this guy or gal will be different. Maybe Palin is the answer, maybe Newt is the answer, maybe Mitt is the answer, maybe Huckabee is the answer, maybe we should just try something and someone new for a real change.

We have a mess and both parties are to blame. It is the quest for power that is causing the problems. It has become about “controlling” the house, senate, governorships, etc…, instead of serving according to our constitutional law.

Please help me understand? Do we want candidates strictly from the parties? Why are we so afraid of individuals that stand for the constitution, principles, and are not part of the party apparatus? I am curious because I believe we are ready for candidates that care for our country first, not a party…

Am I wrong?

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