Monday, December 7, 2009

Fools, Liars, and Thieves…

The people running our federal government could be categorized into these three categories. The fools are the representatives that believe the only way to stop this boondoggle of a government is to “compromise” and move to the “center” where the people want them to be. I’ve got news for you; most people are conservative in nature and want you out of their lives. These fools believe that reducing the impact of the healthcare bill is a strategy instead of killing the bill with every piece of leverage they can muster. The fools don’t realize this is truly life or death.

Liars are almost the entire congress. Not one of them is making a constitutional argument against any bill especially this healthcare bill that they swore to uphold at their oath of office. They lied that they would protect and uphold the constitution.

They are all thieves of the treasury. Every single one of them has no problem stealing our children’s future by borrowing us into bankruptcy, transferring other people’s hard earned money from one generation to the next, and using extortion tactics to get all kinds of unconstitutional legislation passed.

This is our government at work and we are still not outraged. Oh sure some of us are but this is a sad commentary on our ability to manage self rule. The experiment is dying on our watch as we keep electing, fools, liars, and thieves…

God Bless our troops and veterans, especially those patriots that sacrificed their lives on this day in 1941.

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