Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Two Party System Stands Against Freedom…

I cringe when I hear political pundits suggest that only the Republican Party and its candidates can “save” our country from these out of control democratic socialists. It is a view not only shared by pundits, but sadly, many voting Americans. Voters are mad at the current intrusion of our federal government and want it stopped, but they have been duped to believe republicans are the answer; again. Individuals are the answer, not republicans.

I have to say as someone that considers himself a critical thinker, I find their logic flawed on a number of levels. The first level is the recent history of the Republican Party’s track record on spending, immigration, global warming, and the constitution in general. The Republican Party is as guilty as the Democratic Party when it comes to applying the law of the land our constitution. Both parties conveniently ignore it when it gets in the way of one of their programs, and site it only when they are opposed to a program of the other party. The constitution today as viewed by the two major parties is for all intensive purposes; simply our past history.

The constitution is not past history although it was conceived and created in the past, it is the key to a prosperous future. A future of less burdensome federal laws and regulations, and a return to individual freedom with control of our destiny entrusted more closely to we the people through the tenth amendment. The Tenth Amendment has been completely ignored by our federal representatives as proven most recently in the healthcare debate. Healthcare has no constitutional foundation yet our representatives continue to debate the merits of this unconstitutional federal program. This is just the most recent example of a two party system that completely rejects the Tenth Amendment of our constitution.

Immigration law, which is a constitutional requirement of the federal government, has been turned upside down by both parties and they can’t even agree that people that cross our borders illegally are illegal immigrants. Both parties fight over the need to give amnesty to this group of people that may be nice people, do the jobs that Americans won’t do (which is a scam in itself) but are criminals. The constitution clearly gives the federal government the requirement to secure the border against these illegals but what have either of the parties done? Ignored and fought against doing their constitutional duty.

Both parties are spending us into bankruptcy, perpetuating the false movement of manmade “global warming”, and have kept us on the unconstitutional path of more centralized government. So why would anyone continue to vote for either party’s candidates?

That is the million dollar question but I have a couple of ideas. First, the media ignores every other candidate in almost every race. They often opine about the need for better candidates but they ignore any attempt by good citizens to get involved in the electoral process. They are complete hypocrites and are in total collusion with both parties.

Second, the myth that only the major party candidates have a “real” chance of getting elected is an outright lie. If people had a better opportunity to see other candidates this myth would quickly fall apart.

Third, is the notion that if you elect a non-party candidate to office the two parties will keep them from getting anything done. Again, I believe that is a complete myth. A truly effective leader would go right past the legislature dominated by the two parties and make their case with the people. The truly patriotic individuals would come around and join the bandwagon of true constitutional reform.

And my final point here is one that I believe with my heart and soul; the parties have corrupted good individuals to believe politics is an industry, and we should promote career politicians. Nothing could be more corrosive to our country than a political class that by design will always be the enemy of freedom and our constitution. In order to create a perception they are needed they need chaos and confusion so they can come to the rescue of some problem they perceive or create based on anecdotal evidence. Then play off the good hearts of most Americans to fund their perceived or created crisis.

We have all of the direction we need as a country and it is found in the constitution, and can only be realized if we reaffirm the Tenth Amendment and start managing our own affairs. If this becomes the goal of Americans we no longer need any party. We need people that will be protectors of our individual freedom and constitutional rights to limited government.

The two parties don’t realize what many of their past members like me do; the parties stand against our freedom. They are there to perpetuate their existence under the guise of protecting a constitution they don’t even believe in…

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