Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stealing the American Soul…

It seems that every effort is being made by the current politicians to appeal to the worst of human character. The efforts seem to focus on creating dependency on government, a movement away from individual responsibility and liberty, communalism over individualism, forced compassion over true compassion, fear over opportunity, and an underlying notion that we are incapable of self rule.

Until the constitution is completely steamrollered, those of us that believe in America must now take a stand. There are two camps; camp one is the belief that we are better off when we stand up for our founding principles and the constitution, even when it is the harder path. And camp two that believes we must abandon our founding principles for the utopian ideals of communism, socialism, globalism, environmentalism, and stateism.

We have not seen such a disregard for our principles of free markets, capitalism, and constitutional government since our founding revolution. We must start talking about the idea of revolting against the current regime, not through violence, but through passionate, engaged, and ongoing efforts to support candidates and organizations that are trying to keep freedom alive. It is time to rebel against a government that thinks they are the boss. They are not the boss, they work for us.

We must stop saying the efforts to stop healthcare or any government program are fruitless. There are millions and millions of Americans that are ready to reject socialism, globalism, extreme environmentalism, and all ongoing efforts to destroy the soul of America. We are the majority even though we have allowed the election of too many radicals into our government. We can change that quickly but we must engage in the debates and we must do our part.

There has never been a greater opportunity to validate the American Dream than now. We have the opportunity to make history by stopping the federal centralization of this nation’s resources by defending our constitutional rights. Our constitution is the foundation and legitimate plan for our future. The constitution has the plan already spelled out if we just reaffirm its role in our running of government.

Freedom is hard, and too many Americans seem to be looking for a “free lunch”. But there is no free lunch. The price of any lunch provided by a government program comes with a withdrawal on a piece of your freedom. We can work together to help provide for the truly needy among us but to make everyone dependent on government is an evil that must be stopped.

We are in the fight of our lives for the very American soul so many patriots gave their lives to protect. Our ancestors pledged their lives and fortunes to give us this greatest nation. All we have to do is get involved at meetings, writing letters, and supporting candidates not for their party affiliation but for their commitment to our founding principles.

That is a small price to pay to protect the soul of America; our Constitution…

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