Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Real Threat to Mankind is the Federal Government…

Yesterday the Environmental Protection Agency declared carbon dioxide an “endangerment” to mankind in order to give it the ability to regulate the substance without going through the congressional legislative process. Basically it gives them tyrannical powers to control anything that emits carbon dioxide which includes YOU!

This received little press but it is a significant threat to our way of life. Carbon Dioxide is necessary for life and is a bi-product of the human breathing process and nothing could be more natural to the environment. Plants could not grow and life could not be sustained without it but now we are to believe we are “endangered” by this common element of life? This is nothing but a grab for control of tax dollars, regulating business, and a movement toward world tyranny through the phony environmental movement.

As governor of Colorado I will nullify every environmental regulation of this current administration. I will be a wall of freedom for every Coloradan, and every American that is tired of this crazy bunch of lunatics that want to destroy this great nation. I will stop federal expansion and I will ask every Colorado citizen to be a soldier in this fight. We must take a stand and we need to stand on the constitutional grounds that we were founded on.

I love the environment but I can see a dictator from a mile away, and this administration and current federal bureaucracy is full of dictators that want to dictate your life right down to the last breath you take. They are as dangerous as Nazi Germany was to the Jewish population in the 1930’s. They are building a movement around a false premise and will destroy anyone that questions or challenges the movement. They have not reached the point of extermination camps but if this movement is allowed to continue the ramifications could be the same.

We are under assault and we need to look to the Governors of the states and we the people to stop this war being waged on us. Get involved and get ready to be called to battle. You need to be ready because they are coming for you. You can bet your last breath on it…

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