Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where is the Constitution?

The one thing missing in the healthcare debate is the most important aspect of the entire argument; the U.S. Constitution. The law of the land every politician in Washington swears to uphold but rarely site as a reason for their support or rejection of a bill. The healthcare takeover by the central government is constitutionally problematic on so many levels.

First is the tenth amendment. All powers not vested in the constitution are the responsibility of the individual and states. There is no mention of healthcare in the constitution on any level. There are politicians that stretch the commerce clause, general welfare, and right to life references but those are all specific to enumerated powers in the constitution. We all want to improve our healthcare access and keep costs affordable but handing it over to government will do neither.

Second, are our right to privacy and our ability to contract with other individuals. I have the right to create a contract between my family and my doctor for medical services. I can contract with insurance companies to provide coverage for my medical services. The government has no power to infringe on that relationship since healthcare is not an illegal activity; yet. The government plan to throw the company or doctor in jail for contracting for services is a direct assault on my individual freedom and rights.

Third, since when can the government punish individual citizens for not taking action or not participating in an activity? How can the federal government or any government force me through punitive actions to purchase healthcare insurance? If they can pass a law to make me purchase insurance then can they pass a law to force me to purchase a particular brand of car, say a General Motors car because it is government made? If this is the case the constitution is a useless piece of paper.

Our central government is about to force “global warming” policy on us by regulating us through the Environmental Protection Agency. The recent designation by the EPA of CO2 as an “endangerment” to our health (even though we exhale it every breath), is being leveraged by the current president to force American citizens to pay outrageous amounts of money to countries on the false premise that we in America are creating this false phenomenon of manmade global warming. All foreign agreements must be ratified by our Senate to be implemented and binding on the American people. That is the constitutional requirement. But because this current administration and political class don’t believe in our constitutional rights, they are doing an end run through unconstitutional regulations.

We must end this through the election of strong Governors that have taken the Tenth Amendment pledge, and believe the government must adhere to all constitutional requirements even if it means the world views us in a negative way. Personally I could care less what any of these two bit dictators and rogue nations think about us. We are the greatest nation in the world with political leaders that are nowhere near world class. If we followed our constitution we would be better off economically, socially, and the world would respect the fact that we are a nation of laws.

Currently we are being led by an unlawful group of people that have lost their moral compass. They believe what they are doing is saving the world and making our lives better but what they don’t realize is they are just as bad as the common criminal. They are criminals that are breaking the law of our land; the U.S. Constitution.

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