Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bennett Campaign; Betting on Constitutional Ignorance…

I was amazed to see the first campaign ad against the next senator from Colorado Ken Buck focusing on “Ken Buck wants to take away your right to vote for Senator” as if he can do that on his own. It rings so hollow, and if this is what the Bennett Campaign is using as their opening salvo, they are in big trouble.

What they are referring to is the Seventeenth Amendment to the constitution which changed the election of federal senators from a state legislature responsibility to a vote of the citizenry. I can sense you are already bored as will be the voters of Colorado. Not that the issue is not an important one but it is such a stretch to use such a “complex” concept in such a disingenuous manner it is a waste of time.

We who support the Tenth Amendment also understand that the reason there is a movement to change or rescind the Seventeenth Amendment is to have our federal senators more responsive to state needs rather than special interests in Washington DC. If the senate was elected by state legislatures they would be more in touch with the issues of the states. State legislatures would also have a greater say at the federal level. It is a strong and solid argument.

The reality is it will take a constitutional amendment to do this. Ken Buck isn’t against citizens voting for the senate, he is for making the senate more accountable to the citizens in the states. And that’s good for America.

I shared the stage with Ken Buck at the 2010 Debate and he was charismatic and in control of the issues. This compared to a very uninspiring Bennett. The democrats are in big trouble from a charisma perspective. Bennett will put most voters to sleep, and if this issue is what the Bennett campaign hopes to ignite the electorate with; well, congratulations Senator Buck…

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