Friday, August 27, 2010

The Colorado Political Debate…

Liberals and the left keep wondering why conservatives keep winning this election cycle even when underfunded. Here is a prime example taken from those liberal “thinkers” over at ColoradoPols website:

The emphasis is mine on the level of debate amongst the elite over at the Pols:

"We love that last quote from 9-12 Project Leader Lu Busse that they might
want to "change their tactics" to include more fundraising. Whatever gave you
that idea? Who gave up the secret that you can't win elections with just "Don't
Tread on Me" flags and message boards?" (feel the elitism in this coment?)

"Do Republicans tow cows to the Tea Party because the Tea Party is a bunch
of cow-tipping idiots? I can live with that;-)" (nice original name calling)

"I wouldn't want to try and tip over any of their wives. You could pull
a muscle trying those pranks." (respect for others; a true liberal value!)

You got the Tank vs. the Tin Foil Man splitting the nut job vote, leaving the
real world residents voting for Hick. Furthermore, the Tank just shored up his
right flank by adding Pat Miller, the one person in Colorado who makes Maes look
reasonable, to his ticket. That means Maes doesn't dare move to the center, as
he tried to do with the Tambourine Girl, because he'd alienate the Whack Job
that is his only base. I can see those Blue Helmets marching down
Broadway today." (stereo types and generalizations? I thought that was a whack job right virtue?)

These are the “analysts” and political “insiders” that the people are finally sick of. They have an elitist attitude that spews hatred for people opposed to their views. I am glad they think they have this election all wrapped up in their minds, but they are what is wrong with the political process.

I am so glad they ignore me and my political opinions, but it will be fun to watch them scratch their heads when even without money, conservatives keep winning elections. Not because of any particular candidate’s charisma, but the total rejection of the left’s agenda…

The Huffington Post should be proud of this group of left leaning intellects…

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