Friday, August 20, 2010

Open Letter to Michelle Malkin…

Dear Michelle:

As a fellow Colorado citizen I hope you consider the bigger picture regarding the race for Governor. As you know, your name has been floated around as part of a “Dream Team” ticket, but a dream for whom? You are a well respected advocate for ferreting out corruption in government, a watchdog against the practice of illegal immigration, including the despicable practice of highlighting sanctuary city policies, and a solid resource for bringing light to often hidden relationships between government officials and radical supporters of terrorism. We need you on the job there 24/7.

The Republican Party held a primary election and the winner was Dan Maes. Over 300K Republicans spoke through the ballot, and as far as I know, the results are not being challenged. Dan Maes has gone door to door for nearly two years and has convinced many, including Tea Party activists that he was the guy to support. Part of his attraction is the fact he is not a party insider. He is being maligned in an effort to get him to step down, and the person who it is believed you would make a “Dream Team” partner for is front and center in that process. He is a former Republican that has done some good work on illegal immigration but seems to be convinced that his entry into the race is somehow a good thing for Colorado. If he had started the election season as a Constitutional Party candidate I would not be criticizing him, but his last minute entry to force the legitimate Republican candidate to step down is suspect regarding his true intentions. His actions are guaranteed to elect a person that will undermine every effort he has fought for in regards to illegal immigration. I am confused at what is truly important to him if he is willing to cause such mischief in this election, and elect a person that stands opposed to all he has fought for.

I suggest you meet with Dan Maes to understand why so many have stood behind him. It will quickly become apparent that Dan’s motives are truly in the interest of Colorado, and your potential partner’s motives need more vetting. At the best they are selfish. You will find that Dan is not an “experienced” politician, but I ask; what have been the results of “experienced” politicians that we can point to for comfort that will convince us to again elect “experienced” politicians? I would argue experience in the political realm has become a detriment to everyone except special interests. It is time for the people to get a candidate they support.

You have an opportunity to help the cause in Colorado by meeting with Dan and injecting your common sense into the state and national GOP leadership. The answer is not to get Dan to step down and the GOP “anoint” a candidate to eliminate the third party threat, the answer is for calmer respected minds to come together in an effort that will help all Colorado citizens. We must bring back common sense policies to government and we can only do that if we end the circus which is what this third party debacle has created.

I would have thought a congressman so passionate about illegal immigration would never be a catalyst for more illegal immigration, but I guess I was wrong. I hope you take this opportunity to convince Colorado conservatives to get behind the candidate that actually respected the voters and the process.

Thank you!

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