Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why is This Third Party Candidate Different?

I left the GOP several years ago because I felt the party put itself before the cause. The cause I believed to be a dedication to fiscal responsibility, traditional family values, and constitutional limited government. At the federal level the GOP only survives because the rules in the Congress make sending any candidate but a republican or democrat detrimental to the district. That must change but that is not what this post is about. The state level GOP can’t afford to lose anymore voters but they seem to be embracing a strategy to do just that.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that the GOP candidate is the only choice for conservatives and the only way to win is to ignore third parties. Now all of a sudden there are people in the GOP that support a third party candidate Tom Tancredo. Granted Tom was recently a republican, but he has jumped ship. Why is he even in the calculus of the GOP strategy to take back the governorship in Colorado? I don’t get it? Where are all of those Republican leaders that have been preaching for years against third parties? Why are they trying to broker a deal to get Dan Maes, the winner of the GOP primary out of the race? Why are they insisting on undermining the will of their own constituency? Do they really think that a handpicked candidate by party leaders will endear them to the independent and tea party voters?

I know I’m not as smart as the people over at ColoradoPols, but I think I represent the voter most likely to support a conservative candidate, and if the GOP doesn’t get behind their candidate, why should I or anyone else for that matter support the GOP? Many of us have principles that are more important than just winning elections, and if the GOP handpicks anyone other than the current candidate, I will vote for all other offices and write-in a candidate for Governor. I will not accept usurping the will of the voters of Colorado by some leadership group because isn’t that what we as conservatives deplore about the left? The Supreme Court legislating from the bench, the democratic leadership voting against the will of the people. What would make this different?

The problem with the parties is they get caught up in the party politics and forget about the real goal; getting back to limited constitutional government; creating a strong economic landscape for business; bringing state wages and benefits in line with the people that pay them; ending the sanctuary city supported by the democratic nominee for Governor to name a few goals.

The GOP seems to be imploding and I feel for Dan Maes and the sensible republicans that have come out in support. But it seems to me the leadership has not gotten the message that the voters don’t want party politics as usual. That is why Dan Maes has continued to “surprise” the GOP at every opportunity the voters have had the chance to express themselves. The voters will do it again if they just get behind their candidate and stop trying to be “King” makers. Let the process move forward and support your constituency. Tancredo can be ignored just like every other third party candidate…


d.eris said...

"The problem with the parties is they get caught up in the party politics and forget about the real goal."

imo, it is not that the parties forget about the real goal, it is that they actively work against the real goal, without constitutional constraint, directly in opposition to the interests of the people of the United States. A vote for a Republican or Democrat is a wasted vote.

Rich said...

d.eris: I fundementally agree and if you read most of my positions on party politics I believe the party system is corrupt. I would like nothing more than a no party system where we vote for ideas and candidates that support the constitution. Third parties will ultimately end up like the other two parties, it is human nature.

The third party candidate in this race is a Republican malcontent and self absorbed former congressman that is creating a situation to insure a democratic victory.

I will be working in the future with the organization called GOOH (Get Out of Our House) a non party method of getting candidates on the ballot.

I don't think a vote for the party candidate is a wasted vote, but I concede it continues to reward a broken system. It is a rock and a hard place...

BTW I checked out your Blog. I appreciate the effort to break the party control...