Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Economy, Racism, and Islam…

All three of these issues have taken a front seat in the American political debate and each of these pose a grave threat to America as we know it. These issues are being driven by left wing radicals that hate this country and are bent on its destruction. These people reside in the formerly American Democratic Party but that party has had a coupe de tat of leadership.

The Democratic Party of old was a party that prided itself on being a party of the “average” American although I think they have always been socialist in nature they were not as dangerous as they are today. Today they represent the greatest threat our constitutional republic has ever faced.

On the economy these radicals want it destroyed so that more and more people turn to government for their “hope” for a better future. They have undermined individual ingenuity with group collectivism that in another day was called communism but today it is called progressivism. They are doing their best to impress on America that it is capitalism that has failed but in truth it is they who have purposely failed to forward their agenda of taking over the industry that makes our economy the greatest in the world. Not one of the people in the current administration has ever worked in or created a private sector job in their lives and don’t care for the private sector or trust it to be the engine of prosperity it is. These democrats and every democrat must be defeated in November to show all of them we still believe in the individual, free market capitalism and the American Dream.

Racism is being used as a means to divide this nation again after many years of advancement all for the purpose of votes. Black and Hispanic Americans are being sold down the river on the concept that they are inadequate to achieve the American Dream because of the racist white Americans and their institutional barriers to these communities. They ignore the facts. Black and Hispanic Americans are living the American Dream everywhere you turn in this country. They own businesses, have climbed corporate ladders and have been as successful as their white counter parts every time they turn their backs on the government programs designed to “help” them. The evidence is clear for anyone to see and all you have to do is go to any inner city and see what government does for the American Dream of these communities; it destroys them.

Islam is a threat to this country in its current state and must be rejected and called out in its belief that Sharia Law is compatible with constitutional government. Honor killings are on the rise, the threat to the woman of our country is under assault by this movement, and the idea that a Mosque at Ground Zero is even a debate is a sign that political correctness has become suicidal for our nation. The good news is seventy percent of Americans are against the Mosque at Ground Zero so it is not too late to stop it. But the bigger threat is the left wing and other politicians that are not calling out the facts on Islam. The religion is a cancer in this country and they are slowly making inroads into our institutions to overthrow our constitutional government from within. They are allies with the radical left that has taken the helm of this great nation. If we throw out these radicals in November it will be a good start. We will then need to look at Islam and decide as a nation if we can afford to allow this political movement to take hold here without a repudiation of its premise of submission of all peoples to its doctrine. It is not hard to understand what can happen if we assume they will change by appeasing to their demands for autonomy of law within our nation. They are determined to do here what they do everywhere else in the world. Just review the practices in Muslim nations and you decide if Islam is a movement we should allow to take hold here. It is incompatible with the constitution. Just like the administration and current democratic people we have in charge of our federal government today.

The answer for us is simple. We need to first throw out every left wing progressive in November at every level of government. We need to elect Governors and legislators in our states that understand the role of the federal government within our constitution. And we must face the fact that we are no longer governed by people that believe they work for the people. They believe the people are stupid. Are you?

I urge everyone to vote against every democrat to show them they too must weed out the radicals in their party. It will be a start. We must also hold every elected official to the law of our land the U.S. Constitution…

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