Monday, August 16, 2010

Three Reasons Why Dan Maes Will Win in November…

There is a lot of confidence in the democratic establishment that Hickenlooper is a shoe-in for Governor of Colorado but I can’t help wonder why? Is Colorado insulated somehow from the national movement to throw out the democrats that have created such a mess of our economy and have governed against the will of the people on most every issue? Is Hickenlooper not a democrat that embraces the policies that have proved disastrous to our economy and culture? Has Hickenlooper not been responsible for creating a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants?

There are many reasons Dan Maes will be the next Governor and here are the top three:

1) Dan is not a democrat and is really not a polished politician which is attractive to many in this environment of the anti-establishment sentiments of voters. He had some campaign finance issues but the current maize of campaign finance regulations is just another reason to support someone that has not mastered the art of political campaigning. The attacks against Dan regarding his business are an absolute red herring because if you have ever run a small business you learn how to survive and adjust to the economic environment which the government needs to learn desperately. Dan will be a strong leader in this realm. And to suggest the company he separated from to start his own business is not supportive and made insinuations he somehow took a client list is not supportable. If it was it would have been an issue when he left to pursue his business. People branching out on their own to start a business is the epitome of the American spirit and Dream and Dan is doing his best to live it.

2) In a three way race Dan polls extremely well considering the limited media attention he has garnered. Tancredo has had the support of a media that would like nothing more than a split of the conservative movement and Tancredo has been the welcome recipient of this attention. But that will fade and Tancredo supporters will realize that Dan Maes is more likely to win. Dan is a strong illegal immigration opponent as well, and if you have seen him speak at gatherings as I have, he will only get more support the more people see him in person, and if he stays on the economic massage as well as fighting federal intrusion into state issues he will become the candidate to unite around.

3) Hickenlooper was fortunate to have been unopposed in the primary and has received very limited scrutiny to date by the media. If Dan gets the monetary support he needs to highlight the differences between his positions and Hickenlooper, he will be the only choice. The fact that Hickenlooper is a democrat and has supported a sanctuary city policy will be his undoing in this anti democratic fervor that will culminate in November. The fact that Hickenlooper is not further ahead at this point shows a huge vulnerability. If the folks at Colorado Pols would just stop talking to themselves and take the temperature of the Colorado electorate, they would change their odds to reflect the fact that Hick is not a shoe-in. But liberals love to talk amongst themselves and ignore the people that actually vote.

The fact is that Dan is the people’s choice and if the Republican Party decides to tamper with his legitimate win as the Republican nominee, they will be the only reason Dan will have lost. Dan can and will win if he gets the chance to get his message out, and if the people of Colorado, especially conservatives unite around him and support his candidacy. Dan is the best bet and Tancredo needs to re-evaluate his self aggrandizing position as spoiler. If Tancredo is truly concerned about the future of Colorado he should step down and support Dan. Tancredo will lose support as this campaign goes on. He should save what little face he has left as a great defender of Legal Immigration. Dan comes in to this race with limited name recognition, limited financial resources, and an outside the establishment candidate. Conventional wisdom would have written him off a long time ago but he keeps winning.

He has support that is not yet captured in the main stream polling. I think he is the odds on favorite to be the next Governor of Colorado…


Anonymous said...

Keep on supporting Dan Maes. I loved your article about him. So true and positive. Don't be hesitant to comment on PpC: People Press Collective. Their link is: and the bloggers on there most are anti-Maes. It's time to overwhelm them with the positive truth about Maes.

On PpC the current article to comment on is: "Tancredo Offers To Drop Out If Maes Joins Him; Maes Refuses" This just proves that Tancredo is manipulative and wants to control the election and not run himself. He's probably gotten enough $ from this current run. He lost 1.1 million in the Madoff Scandal and to me he's wanting to recoup some of it. He kept his president race campaign funds and he will most likely keep this current race campaign funds as well.


Rich said...

Thanks Cindy. I will check it out. I am very disappointed but not surprised how the national GOP and leadership is treating its candidate that was selected by the will of the voters. Tancredo should be ignored and the support should now be consolidated around Dan.