Thursday, July 5, 2012

Definitions that Deceive…

The fight for a free and prosperous nation means understanding the words and meanings used to secure your vote. It is also important to look at the results and consequences of implementing policies that are often sold using deceptive labels.

“Community” is the term often used by the left as a tool to support big government. “We are stronger together than we are separate” is one of the many variations of the mantra they use to equate a good quality with a big government fix. Communities can be a source of good but only in the sense that the community is organically created and not contrived. For example, a church community is a community made up of people voluntarily coming together to worship and support people of need through the programs they create- like donating time, food, and shelter in a crisis.

The “global community” on the other hand is a very dangerous community to accept or become a part of. This fictitious community is used to garner good feeling about friendliness and holding hands and common causes we share. The most common use of “global community” is the extreme environmentalist groups that are really a conglomerate of groups that hate capitalism and freedom. The major problem with this “community” is there are no mutual common goals any of us share. We may think the world wants clean air and water for example but all you have to do is visit China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and you understand this is not true. Most non capitalist countries are the most egregious polluters in the world. The governments that are the most dictorial and not democratic are the biggest polluters in the world, and we are lead to believe we all share a common future. We don’t. So when people try to sell an idea by playing to your sense of “global community” there is no such community. As a famous politician once said, “all politics is local.” This same concept should be applied to “communities” as well.

Any government supported “community’ is compulsory and is a danger to our freedom and prosperity. The healthcare debacle that was just deemed constitutional is being argued that it is good for Americans because it takes care of the poor, minority, uninsured, place the group here “community.” The problem is it destroys the individual. Government “communities” impose their will, rules and regulations on every individual, and we can’t escape the government community. So in reality it is not a community but a prison.

“Fairness” is another term often leveraged by the big government types to implement more government agencies to decide what is fair for everyone. So, what is fair for everyone? Should we all make the same amount of money no matter what our job is? What is a fair wage? Is it fair that some people live in a bigger home? Own a boat? Own a business? What is a fair? And most important who decides?

“The “rich” should be made to pay their fair share.” What is the fair share? Who decides what is rich? Is $30K, $50K, $75K, $100K, etc… rich? For someone making minimum wage $75K may seem rich but who are they to decide? You see it all becomes arbitrary and someone must decide the rules. Is that the government “community”? Is it fair to tax a man more because he works harder and becomes more successful? If we continue to tax success will we get more or less of it?

It can all seem fair as long as you are not targeted by the “fairness community.” That is why the constitution, capitalism, and the free markets are so effective. The constitution protects the individual from oppressive government. Capitalism rewards individuals who work hard and success is subject to the laws of the market. The market is colorblind, gender blind, sexuality blind, and has no interest in your title, resume, or past accomplishments. It is a mechanism that holds the individual or company accountable to their customers every day. There is no government bureaucrat picking winners and losers based on politics. Hard work, merit, reputation, and quality drive success. You can’t legislate success no matter how much you want to help others. Individuals must choose to be successful, communities can’t impose it.

Community and fairness can sound really good but they don’t work in the context of government. What is so hard to understand?     

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