Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The World in Chaos

When liberal philosophy is in control of positions of “authority”, chaos ensues. The reason chaos ensues is because liberals believe in relative morality. There is no distinction between right and wrong. People that commit murder, theft, abuse, and outright lie, are often justified by liberals because of past circumstances like poverty, lack of education, lack of opportunity, and a host of other excuses.

Negotiating with criminals, dictators, or children is all similar in the sense that when you are willing to accept less than what is right and wrong, you have lost your position in the negotiations. If the people you are negotiating with don’t think they will face consequences they keep pushing the envelope.

We see it with the kids that tormented the bus monitor. They obviously believed the consequences they would face were worth the risk to do what they did to that adult. Obviously the parents of those kids were liberals. We see it with the murder rate in Chicago since Rahm Emanuel took office. As a liberal, his reaction to the increased murder rates? Negotiate with “gang bangers.” The message is that we are willing to accept the moral decline of society if these gang members will at least keep the killing in their own neighborhoods. We see it with Hillary Clinton shaking her finger at Russia as the Russian President raises his finger to her in response. He knows we have no values left that we are willing to defend so he does what he wants with little worry of any consequences.

President Obama is the most immoral president ever elected to the office. His willingness to support legislation that allows a baby that lives after an abortion goes wrong to be left for dead, leaving that life to suffer without attention or care, shows absolute evil has taken over at the highest ranks. Selling guns to drug lords, undermining our economy with out of control spending and borrowing, accepting Muslim terrorists at the White House, and the list goes on, shows our decline through liberalism.

Liberals will never admit how wrong they are or how willing they are to accept immoral behavior but it is exactly why the world is in chaos. The only way to end chaos is to instill moral leadership. That means voting against the current administration and its inability to protect what’s right, and punish what is wrong. As a moral people we need to punish the wrong by voting for what’s right…

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