Wednesday, July 11, 2012

UN Targeting Your Gun?

As the summer rolls along and people try the best they can to enjoy activities like camping, boating, and barbeques, bureaucrats at the UN and our State Department are considering a Treaty that is targeted to limit your guns. That’s right; our Constitution is under attack again by a foreign enemy with the help of this administration.

The UN has no jurisdiction in this country and you would think that any meddling in our internal sovereign affairs would generate outrage. But this is being done like everything else this administration does, with sleight of hand distractions. These people know our eyes glaze over when policy matters and foreign treaties are the subject, so they are counting on your inability to focus on the intent or outcome of this dangerous treaty.

Buy more guns and ammunition should be the response to this initiative to disarm Americans. There is one reason and one reason only that America will always be able to defend herself even if this administration tries to underfund our military and that is an armed citizenry. Think about a foreign government trying to overtake America? What do you think the biggest concern is? Armed Americans ready to blow the head off of any enemy stupid enough to place their boots on our God given rights and soil.

The treaty states that only governments can be gun owners and the NRA is on the case. Treaties must be ratified by two thirds of the senate so I expect pressure will be placed on these senators not to sign. I would hope that any American representative would be smart enough to not support this but I can’t be that confident with the infiltration that has happened in our elected bodies.

That is why this election is so important on so many levels. There are too many enemies within our own ranks and they must be purged this November. So as you enjoy your summer activities just make a mental note that this November we must defeat the enemies within and elect patriotic Americans that support our constitutional rights including the right to bear arms…

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