Thursday, July 19, 2012

Taking Credit for America’s Engine?

The only reason we have any infrastructure in this country is because of the American business man and woman. There is no credit that can be given to the government for the creativity and ingenuity it takes to start, implement, maintain, and grow a successful business. 

How and why do roads and bridges get built? First the why. In most communities across the nation roads and bridges are supported by business people in the community that believe if we build the bridge it will add value to the community from an economic standpoint. Whether it is a local development where developers build the roads and bridges or a regional project to bring a mall to the area, businessman and woman begin the efforts. If we left infrastructure up to the people in government we would still be rowing across the Hudson and Mississippi Rivers. Bureaucrats don’t come up with the ideas, the private sector does. Bureaucrats simply slow down the process.

The how? Roads and bridges are designed in most part by private engineering businesses through contracts awarded by the government. The money used to build the bridges is tax dollars created in the private sector by the businesses that pay taxes. The government again is a middle man often slowing down or impeding the process. So without the taxpayer, ideas from the private sector and the blood sweat and tears of the private sector nothing gets done.

Teachers, firefighters, police, although important are not the reason for private business success. If  any of these services were taken away, the private sector could easily fill in and create a system that could replace the current one. That is my point, we the private citizen are responsible for creating and funding the services we need to support the communities we build. To suggest there is some central brain in the government is ludicrous. It is an oxymoron.

The “system that enables success” is the US Constitution which is designed to LIMIT the government’s role so we can prosper. Our founders knew that the government was an inherent “evil” that needed to be kept small in order to ensure freedom and prosperity for all Americans.

So as the president attempts to take credit where no credit is due, I suggest you analyze the reason he feels that way and take that conclusion right to the ballot box.

This president has no idea how America works and why it is great. It has nothing to do with the creativity of government. It has everything to do with the creativity of the private sector. Without the private sector there is no prosperity only misery. This president has never bought into the American Dream because he spent so little time getting to know it. Now he is trying to destroy the American Dream we all know and love and so many have died to protect. Maybe it’s time to show him the door so he can get a firsthand experience of living in the private sector.

Unfortunately, the government benefits he will receive when he leaves office will insulate him from the need to participate in a real economy and job. That’s good news for the president, after all it’s hard to participate and succeed at something you have no knowledge of in the first place…

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