Monday, July 23, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg: Shut Up! Please...

I personally don’t care what the Mayor of NYC my hometown has to say about guns or any other matter as a matter of fact. The ego on this man is typical of every dictator of the past. Mayor Bloomberg seems to think he knows best.

The beauty of this great republic is if you don’t like what the Mayor does in his city you can move to a state or another city that you do agree with the Mayor. The credibility of the Mayor of NY is limited in the arena of gun control. Bloomberg’s city is like most inner cities that have the strictest gun control laws but still have the highest rates of crime according to every statistic available. Gun laws take guns from the law abiding citizens yielding them helpless against criminals and limited to waiting for 911 to respond.

If you look at Bloomberg’s record here is what you find: the highest poverty rates, lowest scores on aptitude tests, highest crime rates, and many undesirable neighborhoods. All this and he wants to play on the national stage? He believes more control over the people’s lives is the answer to everything. The problem is he is the problem.

If the Mayor wants to control his city then he can propose what he wants and let the people of the city of NY decide what they are willing to accept. As far as the rest of us are concerned all I can say is shut up. I would never move to NYC if I had all of the money in the world. I believe in freedom and our constitution. Something Bloomberg has no respect for as exemplified by his never ending meddling in the affairs of - we the people…

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