Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mitt Romney Tells it Like it Is at NAACP Conference

Mitt Romney reached out to the NAACP today and was honest and unwilling to pander to the audience. He told the black liberal Americans in the audience about the real solutions to the problems in their community.

The family unit, education, the private sector, and individual accountability are the ways out of poverty. It is no different for any American community, and to tell a different story would have been a lie. Mitt does not lie, he tells the truth and it is a refreshing change from typical political pandering.

Many criticized Mitt for even accepting the invitation from this notoriously liberal group, but he made the right decision. You don’t change hearts and minds by running from the difficult truths. The truth has to be told to the black community (and every community) that government is the barrier to success. Government programs suck the life out of individuals and communities which have made a lifestyle out of government programs sold as temporary solutions. The best antidote to poverty is a job not a handout. That work not welfare is the stepping stone to success.

President Obama passed off his invitation to his VP Joe Biden. Talk about a slap in the face! I think the president made a huge mistake because his message to the NAACP is you are a guaranteed vote I don’t need to covet. Maybe he’s right but Biden is such an incompetent boob he could turn open minded NAACP members to consider an alternative.

Mitt will never win the majority of Black American’s vote but they got a glimpse into the heart of a good man that will make a fine president. He does not discount the black community because they may not vote for him; he respects them because they are Americans searching for a similar dream of success. Mitt was brilliant today but more importantly he was sincere. Mitt believes every American deserves a shot at the American Dream even if they do not intend to vote for him.

Mitt is truly a uniter and refuses to divide this country as the current president is intent on doing. Mitt opened his heart today to the NAACP and I think they have met a sincerely good man…

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