Saturday, October 10, 2009

2010 and the big ten(th)…

I believe, (and I am basing my entire campaign on the tenth amendment), that we will confirm the tenth in the 2010 election. The tenth amendment movement is growing and is the foundation to reset the boundaries between the federal government, state government, and individual rights.

There is no longer a boundary that anyone has respect for. Most politicians have given up on the constitution, and are playing with the rules currently in place; no rules. Our founders would be appalled by the current state of our relationship with the document that changed the world; for the better. The current crop of politicians feel the trampling of the constitution has been so profound, and accepted, that they rarely reference it as a way to limit big government advocates or unconstitutional programs. They fight on ground that has no rules of engagement, and we can never win the argument without knowing, respecting, and referencing, the rules of the land; the U.S. Constitution.

American history is no longer taught in our schools, and makes referencing the constitution difficult by politicians in an age that sound bites and emotion rules the day. But as defenders of this great document we not only need to reference it, we must teach it, honor it, and implement the law.

The tenth amendment is clearly defined and is the only way to insure the future of the American dream for our children. If candidates are not referencing the constitution in their campaign they must be challenged.

I have taken the pledge from the and have committed to applying it if elected Governor. If you believe in this approach, I encourage you to get involved here and support this campaign that has our constitution at the center of the debate.

Let’s make 2010 the year of the 10. The Tenth Amendment that is…

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