Saturday, October 31, 2009

Conservatives are the “Progressives”…

There seems to be this unchallenged premise in the media and society in general, that conservative people are unwilling to change, or embrace new movements. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s strange to me how some perceptions are so wrong and rarely challenged like Hitler was a “right wing conservative” nut job. He was definitely a nut job but he was a socialist big government authoritarian which is completely counter to a conservative philosophy. He utilized a hatred for Jews because the Jewish people were extremely capable capitalists. It was easy for Hitler to demonize Jews because it is easy to demonize capitalism. But why?

Why is capitalism easy to demonize? Because capitalism rewards individual success and is completely devoid of emotional considerations. Emotional arguments take less thought and are easily understood. Capitalism doesn’t care if someone is white, black, red, green, male, female, minority, majority, capitalism is blind. Capitalism decides based on performance that someone wins and someone loses, it rewards excellence, ingenuity, hard work, sound principles and judgment. These incentives are seen as cold and uncaring but it is exactly that principle that makes it so effective. Capitalism doesn’t change the rules to accommodate emotional feelings or personal attributes. So how does this all tie into conservatives being more “progressive”?

If you think of the things that enable a society to be progressive, they are built on conservative principles and capitalism. By enabling individuals to succeed and create great wealth for themselves and others, benevolence increases due to this accumulated wealth, and a society thrives and has the ability to provide for the poor, educate the masses, and support the many “progressive” programs that people of liberal persuasion are always claiming to support. It is conservative not liberal principles that allow for a country to be “progressive”.

If we were to abandon capitalism and conservatism for a liberal socialist agenda, the incentive to create wealth will be destroyed because the rewards are distributed based on emotion and the authority of government. People will labor for themselves but they will only labor for others if forced to by an authoritarian government. So the question now is; is authoritarian government “progressive”? I would argue authoritarian governments destroy the ability to provide for the people and history backs me up here. So people that want all kinds of programs from government are not progressive they are authoritarians.

As a society we must stand on principles and that is what conservatives believe is best for a progressive society. Principles are universal and can be found in the Ten Commandments, the U.S. Constitution, Natural law, etc… Conservatives are principled in nature and understand that prosperity is found through strong principled societies. It is why the Founders believed we would only survive as long as we were a moral nation believing in a divine power. It is conservatives who are trying to maintain these principles, therefore maintaining our ability as a nation to be progressive.

The people trying to undermine our principles are the people that will destroy our abilities as a nation to continue to be the hope of the world. If we allow the people who today call themselves “progressives” to continue down this current path of expanded government and limited capitalism and faith, they will become the authoritarians; just like Hitler…

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Very well put!

What most people don't understand is that prior to capitalism the average person had NO freedom and they lived in SQUAULOR!