Thursday, October 22, 2009

Working for a Living…

There is nothing more satisfying than working for a living. The ability to work enables us to take care of our families, invest in our family’s future, take a vacation, and enjoy the opportunities in life. I suggest that every politician in office today should try it. I think too many in political life have forgotten what it feels like to earn an honest paycheck. They claim they are working for the people but what they are actually doing is making it difficult for people to work.

Government regulations, confiscatory tax policy, and a movement to “re-distribute the wealth” of hard working Americans under the guise of “fairness”, is suppressing America’s ability to work. The politicians creating current policy, including the president, have forgotten what work is. Work is created by a need in the market. For example, people need to eat; therefore we need farmers, truckers to get food to market, and grocery stores. People need transportation so car companies manufacture vehicles for people to buy. These are simple examples but it seems this lesson has been lost in today’s political class that think they can create jobs by borrowing boat loads of money and handing it out to who they believe deserve it.

The argument the politicians used to add $700 billion in debt to our children’s tab was to “stimulate shovel ready projects.” If the shovel ready projects were truly needed they would have already been in progress. The government believes that they can create need better than the free market. That is ignorance. The best example happens to be in the state of Michigan. The government spent billions in a “bailout” of GM and jobs and dealerships continue to vanish. In contrast, the state put a tax cut incentive (they reduced taxes to work in Michigan) in place to attract the Hollywood movie industry. The result was an increase of Hollywood “work” in Michigan that went from $2 million in 2007 to $125 million in “work” in 2008. So instead of government making “work”, they got out of the way and reduced the cost of creating work by lowering taxes and regulation and the result? Lots of jobs and lots of work in the film industry and the car companies that are being targeted by politicians; job losses and dealership closings.
Which policy do you think is working better?

Anyone that works for a living understands this concept. If our politicians actually worked for a living they would know this instinctually. Instead they continue to try to create work by borrowing and printing more money to give to “shovel ready projects” and industries they think will generate jobs. They need to leave that to the people that actually work for a living.

That means reducing government intervention and giving more incentives to me and you…

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