Thursday, October 22, 2009

Make my “pay”!

I know when many hear this news; “government reduces pay of corporate executives” they silently say hoorah. If you are one of these people you need to have an intervention with yourself. If you believe someone is overpaid and the government should reduce that pay the next question is; if the government thinks you make too much (even if you are making $50,000 a year) and cuts your pay to 35K, how will you feel? If you believe this can’t happen to you, you’re not only wrong; you’re next.

As the federal government continues to inject itself into the private sector (unconstitutionally I might add), they will set pay grades; guaranteed. They have already set pay grades for Doctors that accept government insurance, car executives, finance executives, and you are next. If it is good for some, why not for all? And while the government is at it, they will also try to apply price controls. If you are too young to remember, it was a disaster under President Nixon. You see the government is in the business of “fairness”, and the lowest common denominator. They don’t raise the bar, they lower it. And in turn we end up with a misery index and if you remember the Carter years, there was exactly that; a Misery Index. Is that where we want to go again?

So as you think about these executives and the pay decreases being mandated by the government, you need to think hard and beyond the emotional feeling of “they make so much anyway, they deserve a pay cut.” Because there will always be someone that makes more than you. The great thing about America is that everyone has the same opportunity to make a million bucks a year (for now). You should be working harder on how you can make a million than supporting government bureaucrats that create only misery. Those people that make millions also have created millions of jobs and opportunities and what is that worth?

We can all be miserable together or we can all strive to be the best with the incentive of a better pay day. I say instead of cutting other people’s pay we should focus on how we make our own pay!

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