Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Children Need Us…

We are watching our government at every level justify increased spending, borrowing, and expansion for programs that our kids will end up paying for but have no say in approving. We had a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit for fiscal 2009, and we have an 11.9 trillion dollar federal debt (we will be leaving for our kids to pay), and the states are crying more, more, more funding to “balance” local budgets.

When does it end? When is enough, enough? It is totally irresponsible to take our children’s future from them. We are reducing not only their economic future but their freedom as well. Every dollar we borrow, print, and send to a government program is undermining the foundational principles this country has grown on; constitutional government, individual opportunity, small business opportunity, free markets, and individual freedom. When are we going to stand up and fight for their future?

I know many of you feel helpless because the problem seems so big but like “eating an elephant” we take one small bite at a time. We start by supporting candidates that want to end the fiscal gluttony at the federal level of government. The federal largesse is making it difficult for state and municipalities to provide the services people truly need. People lump all taxes into the wasteful bucket because we see the gargantuan waste going on at the federal level.

Do we need to send $90 billion dollars to the Department of Education to tell us how to run our schools? Or could we use that $90 billion to buy books and support great teacher initiatives? Do we need to send $76 billion dollars to keep the GM car company afloat? Or should we keep that $76 billion dollars at the state and local level supporting Colorado business initiatives? The list of federal spending and waste is endless.

The federal government is over stepping all constitutional barriers with little resistance until now. We are going to stop this out of control government not just because it is unconstitutional, not just because it is crushing our freedom, not just because we need to pay for local services like education, fire, and police, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because we are parents and we care about our kids.

I am asking you and your kids to get involved, and join me to take back the future for our kids. It’s not just political, it’s personal…

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