Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Party Embarrassment…

This article on the “Hill” website is exactly why I am running unaffiliated in my upcoming election. This is the type of behavior we expect of our children, not our supposed congressional representatives. Changing locks on committee room doors? Come on who’s running this country? This type of party bickering is the norm in government practice not just the campaign cycle.

What has happened which is clearly outlined in this article are two parties that have lost sight of the true goal; to manage government effectively. Not all ideas democratic are bad, and not all republican ideas are bad, and once elected, are our representatives not Americans anymore? I understand how forming groups to accomplish a goal is effective, I run a very large community myself, but the result of the two party system has poisoned the political process of governing.

We no longer govern, we endlessly campaign. Once elected, representatives should be part of the same team. There are principles that should never be compromised like our constitution, but there are many ways to get to good policy. This is especially true at the state and local level and is exactly why the constitution provides the most power to the state government. You would never know that because our constitution is being trampled by both parties but it doesn’t mean we can’t get back to our core principles.

Do we really want to reward the party candidates by voting them continually back in power? The republicans are arguing that they believe in limited government but what did they do when they were in power? Did they reduce government and apply the constitution? No, they are just going in the big government direction a little bit slower. The democrats have completely trampled the constitution at the same time they campaign on personal accountability? Personal accountability; are they kidding? Just look at what they’re doing.

We need to elect candidates outside of the two parties because with the party candidates we will get the same old same; promises not kept. Is it really that risky to elect some candidates that actually care about this state and country and could care less about the party platform? If you are a political party member I have to ask; are you embarrassed by your party’s performance?

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