Saturday, October 10, 2009

The “Real” America…

I just finished the book “The Real George Washington” and it gave me much to think about. The least of which was how we as Americans have changed, and remained the same. Our revolutionary spirit is alive and well on both the left and right sides of the political spectrum. But what are we revolting against?

On the left spectrum there seems to be a revolution against individual freedom and personal accountability. We see this in their efforts to continually expand federal power over our lives through regulations on the environment, our economy, and healthcare. There is a belief that the government is somehow fairer and more equipped to handle issues that have traditionally been performed in the private sector. The left is revolting against the free markets that have been pretty successful creating the wealth that is America. The left wants to disregard our law of the land; the U.S. Constitution.

On the right spectrum there seems to be a revolution to get back to a smaller role for the government, especially the federal government. There is the recognition that individuals and free markets are best equipped to handle the most pressing issues facing America today. They are revolting against bankrupt federal programs, financial takeovers, the creation of debt including the most recent fiscal 2009 1.4 trillion deficit by the feds, and the movement toward a “world” government. The right is moving back to the founding principles included in the law of our land; the U.S. Constitution.

Both sides believe they are on the right direction and are mostly represented in the Republican and Democratic parties, the left being represented by democrats, and the right being represented by republicans. But is this true? What is the real America getting from these parties?

The real America knows that the return to our Constitution, individual responsibility, free markets, reduced spending, and a smaller government is the right direction for America. The problem is that neither party is representing the real American because they are not truly committed to the cause; they are committed to electoral power, representing small subsets of America who finance their campaigns, big business, and an unhealthy quest for power for powers sake. The principle of the right is no longer represented by republicans. There are some but only in the election cycle when the public is paying attention. Once the attention subsides the old habits are back in place and the real America is just a campaign slogan.

I have to ask; is it time to try something new for the real American? The American that pays the bills, raises the future generations, create the wealth that makes us great, and believes in the constitution; deserves a real American to support their vision. The definition of insanity is doing something the same way time and time again, but expecting different results.

Let’s support candidates that are not insane but live the real American Dream. That may mean voting for candidates that are outside the party system. I ask you to get involved with my campaign to send a message that you support the real America.

The party faithful discount every candidate outside the two party system with the argument they can’t win. Oh really? That seems to me to be a voter decision, not a party decision. A bit arrogant but that is what defines many in the two party leadership. Is it time to put the parties in their place?

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