Thursday, April 22, 2010

The End of Wall Street is the End of America…

I’m sorry if I offend you but you are economically illiterate if you think reforming “Wall Street” is the answer to our economic woes. Reforming government regulation is the answer to our economic woes. I cringe when I read people writing about “corporate greed” and how we need to tax them to make them “pay” for the services these selfish left leaning Americans seek.

Last night the president was on American Idol promoting “giving back” which if done by private charity is a worthy cause. But if we continue to demonize and destroy “Wall Street”, as he and his supporters keep doing, we will destroy America and the ability of individual Americans to give anything to charity. The countries we help now will no longer be the beneficiary of our wealth because our wealth will have been stolen by this president and congress.

The left and our president have no concept of the capitalist system and believe that somewhere there is a “Golden Goose”, but I have news for them, there is no other golden goose. The reason there are corporations that don’t pay taxes is because politicians have created the environment and rules that encourage tax avoidance. Government regulations are the rules that create the culture of corruption. Politicians are the “brokers” that business leaders must pay to get exceptions to punitive rules. If the rules were the same for every business and politicians were not involved in the process, business would never need Washington lobbyists or pay off politicians who are continually changing the rules business must follow to be successful.

And the reason there is poverty in this country is not because of the jobs being created by these corporations in this country, it is the government programs that poor Americans are shackled into because they have put their faith in political promises.

There is no reason in America that someone who seeks a better life can’t achieve one. A better life in America depends on a thriving “Wall Street” and is dead in the water if we have a “thriving federal government” and punitive tax policy. The left needs to get their head out of the government troth and start thinking logically not emotionally.

The left hates America and wealth, but without wealth and “Wall Street” we will see the end of America and the American Dream… Maybe that’s what they really want…

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