Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nukes and Guns…

Peace through strength was a policy Ronald Reagan pursued that not only made policy sense; it made sense of human nature. What leftists fail to understand consistently is human nature. Leftists like Obama believe words and intentions are more powerful than they are when it comes to national security, defense, and fighting crime.

If you disarm all of the peaceful law abiding nations, the only nations left with nuclear weapons will be, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, Venezuela, Syria, and all of the rogue/totalitarian nations of the world. Anyone that believes that any of these nations are going to stop developing nukes is dreaming. Obama is seen as so naïve and weak, none of the above nations will disarm. They have watched our interaction with Iran and our policy is clear; we have no backbone to hold nations accountable.

As we watch our inner cities and border towns become war zones, if you take the guns away from the law abiding citizens, the only people left with guns are the criminals, gangs, and cop killers. It is that simple. Human nature will never change no matter how many liberal left policies are spewed from this administration. That is why we are so divided, because the people that understand human nature know criminals respect guns and self defense, not gun laws. It is as basic as the bully on the playground.

Weakness breeds bad behavior, and disarming our nation, whether it is nukes or guns are policies that will create chaos in the world and our neighborhoods. We would all like to sing kumbaya and wish for peace and goodness in the world, but the reality is that is a Hollywood narrative that rarely works in the real world. Real criminals and real evil understands one policy; peace through strength. Ronald Reagan knew that instinctually, Barak Obama is making a grave mistake…

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