Monday, April 19, 2010

A Place for Real Reform!

The “Tea Party” has encouraged many Colorado voters to get involved by showing up at rallies around the state to show their frustration against the actions of our current representatives. Most of the frustration has been focused on the federal government, but it is a comprehensive mistrust of all government. These “new” activists are really making a difference just by simply showing up and making the political class aware they are watching, and are ready to vote candidates in or out. I am concerned that the people in the Tea Party movement are being given a false choice; vote democrat or republican. Of course the republicans align more closely with the Tea Party concerns but are they the right choice?

I believe the people that are most frustrated with the process want the choice to elect people like themselves; not career politicians. But where can they find those candidates? There is a group out there that is helping “ordinary” citizens get on the ballot and make real change toward our founding principles, and that group is Get Out Of Our House ( There are about 1000 members in Colorado. The goal is to get 500,000 members nationwide but it is the vision that attracted me.

The idea is to vet candidates through a process that promotes ideas not party affiliation. If the Tea Party movement is looking for a real process to make change, they need to consider GOOOH (pronounced go). There is no doubt in my mind that the republicans will disappoint again, and there will be no accountability until the next election. GOOOH is only supporting candidates that have signed a pledge and committed to the principles promoted on their website.
Get Out Of Our House is focused on congressional elections but I am trying to garner their support for my candidacy for Governor of Colorado. I believe it is an idea whose time has come. The founder Tim Cox is involved for seemingly the same reasons I am; if you don’t like the way things are going, get involved, and try to change it. I know the two parties will only change if they have real competition and GOOOH offers the voters real choice.

If you are involved in the Tea Party movement but believe they are getting too cozy with the Republican Party, check out GOOOH. I did and I like what they are trying to do. I think you will as well…

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