Thursday, April 8, 2010

A few questions for the left…

  1. Have you ever read the entire U.S Constitution?
  2. Do you believe the constitution is still relevant today?
  3. Why is it OK for the government to take one families hard earned labor to give to someone else?
  4. How much money is too much? Who should decide how much is too much?
  5. What level of federal taxation is enough to “level the playing field”?
  6. What is “leveling the playing field”?
  7. What advantages have successful people had that makes them a target to be punished with additional taxation?
  8. Will punishing successful people improve the ability of everyone else to be successful?
  9. Are you happy with the government’s results to end poverty and improve lives in Detroit, NY, LA, Newark, etc…?

Just curious...

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