Monday, April 5, 2010

From The Patriotic Resistance…

The latest scandal in politics just happens to be from the Republican Party but this story would fit well in either political party or any union or corporate board room. This quote was posted by someone that goes by the handle “Midnight Cowboy” on the ResistNet website. An organization of grass roots conservatives. I am not sure how all of the tea party folks feel but I know what this does when I read about it; It makes me ANGRY! This is why I despise, big business, unions, and party politics. This quote is about Michael Steele’s “leadership” of the Republican National Committee:

“He recently took some heat for moving the RNC annual meeting from Washington, D.C. to Hawaii. And one recent analysis by found that compared with 2005, the last comparable year preceding a midterm election, RNC spending on private jets had doubled, limo trips had tripled, and meal expenses jumped from $306,000 to $599,000.”

It is Michael Steele today, but this is not specific to the individual as much as a culture in party politics. This activity goes on because the political parties have become “corporations” with special interests and an agenda that has lost alignment with its members. It is a group dynamic that supports high flying, back room deals, constituent favors, all on the expense of the individual schlep paying the bills. The GOP is acting just like big business and unions do in the pursuit of power and influence. Big business, big government, big unions, and big groups of any kind eventually and unfortunately drift from the roots of the original intent of the organization if leadership is not held accountable by the members. The people are now starting to hold government and political party leadership accountable, and they don’t like it.

Not every Republican candidate is part of this problem but every Republican Party member has accountability in this behavior. The members of the party can brush this off as an individual indiscretion, but is it? Or is there a culture in the two parties that accepts the high life for their leadership while the individual member pays the bills and the price with their individual reputations. Is this the same party you joined and put your faith in? Or is there a need to hold them accountable by demanding fundemental change?

I have personally had enough of every organization that thinks we are just out here to vote or pay the bills. We have a say and we don’t need the organized parties or businesses, or unions to smear our reputations with their behavior while they ignore us; the people paying the bills, doing the hard work, and living life to a higher ethical standard. We do not accept this behavior and we want people in charge that share our values.

It is time to be Jeffersonian in our approach; individual over group leadership…

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