Friday, April 9, 2010

Sean Hannity; “Conservative Victory”; is wrong about the “Party”…

Our nation was founded on the principle of individual self rule, supported by common Christian values. We were the first and only government to believe in the individual over government and class structure, and it has made this country the greatest most respected nation in the world. No matter what the anti-American minority say; we are envied by the rest of the world because of this simple principle. People instinctually know a government of the people is better than a government over the people.

Over the years, many of us have taken for granted that it would always be that way and ignored the political process. There have been turbulent times but never the feeling that we were losing the principle of individual self rule and our moral foundation, until now. The voters and people have awakened. This is good for our country and good for our future. But being awake is not enough, we need to do our homework and fix not only the people we put into office, but the way we do it.

We have been watching a ping pong match between the Republicans and Democrats, each promising to be better than the other, but each party has continued to trample our individual spirit and freedom. Both parties have systematically taken the government from one of limited role to a “starring” role. That must change. Government needs to take a back seat to the individual, free market, and ingenuity of the American people. We do that by restoring the constitutional role of our federal government and auditing our state governments to determine what we want the role of government to be at the local level.

We don’t need a third party to win back our government. We don’t need any party; we need people paying attention to the issues and candidates. I am not a third party candidate; I am an alternative candidate to the party candidates. Sean Hannity is out there promoting “Conservative Victory” but he is trying to convince people that the Republican Party is where you need to place your bet. I say you will be throwing your money down the drain again if you are truly looking for a change in the way government interacts with the people. Until we stop paying attention to the divisive tactics the parties use to garner votes and money, we will not be engaging in the real fight. The fight is about our principles as a nation. Not defeating the other party but defeating the ideas that big government is better than individual freedom.

I admit the party apparatus has two advantages; it is a fundraising machine, and the candidates have ballot access. Beyond that the two parties have all of the tendencies big government has; self perpetuation. Not for the individual but the party. As Barak Obama campaigned in 2008 on “fundamentally changing the government”, we must elect people that are willing to fundamentally return our government to the people, and respect our constitution. We have seen where we are going and we are scared, angry, and ready to fight. We need to be all in to defeat the people that have given us this mess. Both parties have brought us to this point.

It will take our individual ingenuity to get us out of this mess…

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