Friday, April 2, 2010

The Methodical Destruction of the United States and Could Guam Tip Over?

I couldn’t help but make a comment on this video that highlights the level of intelligence that is in charge of our country. Who votes for people like this? Watch congressman Hank Johnson from Georgia express his true concern to the Admiral about Guam tipping over due to an influx of additional troops, and the Admirals wonderful ability not to laugh and pile on the foolishness of this congressman. I didn’t realize Guam was a “floating” island. This is truly sad.

This is the real concern:

We have been taken over by people that hate America, our constitution, and freedom. The representatives in charge of the federal government no longer consider the constitution the law of the land. They are acting as if what we the people say does not matter. They are interrogating private firms for making a profit. They are forcing people to pay for the immorality of others. They are trying to make illegal immigrants legitimate citizens even when a large percentage of our violent criminals are here illegally. We have federal agencies to count the calories in our food, stealing our freedom to drive a car by destroying our energy economy, and taking state land at will. They have destroyed our children’s future by destroying the education system, borrowing an amount of money that may never get repaid, and undermining the principle of hard work under the guise of fairness.

Many stand by watching, discussing, and letting it happen. Our founders would be mortified. Individuals in this country that are outraged feel they have nowhere to turn. They know the entire political class is corrupt and when constitutionalists like me say the answer lies in the constitution, many people don’t know what that means. What has happened to “we the people?” Has it just been a slogan for all these years?

I listen to commentators say that America is not a nation that uses civil disobedience and I say; remember our history. We were founded through civil disobedience. When our founders were faced with the loss of freedom and liberty from an over reaching central government, what did they do? Sit around and wait for the “Republicans” to save them? Or did they stand up to the oppressors as individuals? There were many acts of civil disobedience before the revolution. The revolution was the culmination of many thwarted attempts to stop a central government’s tyrannical tendency through civil disobedience. Civil disobedience is not violence. Civil disobedience is refusing to accept government mandates, dictates, and unlawful uses of the government apparatus. The problem is when the government doesn’t listen to the people it serves; not when the people speak out against the government.

We have been in a pot of boiling water and we are about to be cooked. The pot of water has been heating up since the FDR administration. Social Security, welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, public schools, the assault on Christianity, free speech, free markets, capitalism, profit, the rich, life, our flag. We have been forced to accept, hyphenated America, holiday celebrations, lower standards of living, and now bailouts, takeovers, and oppression. And what we hear in the media is a concern about who the people are in the Tea Party movement. I have a question for the media to focus on; who is running our government? The Tea Party movement is America. Tea Party people stand as a barrier against tyranny.

We the concerned people of America are being targeted as radicals if we disagree with this administration. We are being marginalized when we defer to our constitution. We are being laughed at for raising red flags about a government headed toward tyranny. We are being categorized as radicals so that in the final assault on our freedom we will be targeted as the ones out of touch with American values. These people in charge plan to put a stake in the heart of individual freedom and our constitution.

Do I seem down today? You bet. But this is America and when I think about the efforts of our founders, and in particular George Washington, who lost so many battles but won the war under unimaginable circumstances, I smile and have faith there is hope and time to change this country's fate. I believe the people in the Tea Party, and all of the other Liberty groups are the answer, and must not back down in the face of these assaults. We must battle on even when we seem overwhelmed.

My prayer is that once again God blesses us with the courage and fortitude to stand up even when we are being marginalized. We remain true to the faith that has built the greatest nation in the world. And that we have the will to take back our country in November 2010 by supporting individual patriots in the honor of our civilly disobedient founders…

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