Saturday, March 20, 2010

216 Traitors to the American Cause…

The American Dream is not about “free” government healthcare, welfare, food stamps, bailouts, corporate tax breaks, green tax breaks, regulations or fairness, it’s about individual freedom and limited government involvement in our lives. Our country was built on merit not handouts. Tomorrow there are 216 representatives in congress who are about to break the law by passing a bill in an unconstitutional manner and today they are witnessing the wrath of an angry coalition of patriotic Americans. The government is trying to dictate and mandate a healthcare bill they say is about “fairness” but it will steal your freedom, and that is not a price America is willing to pay.

Busloads of people are arriving in DC ready to play a role any one of our founders would be proud of. Samuel Adams often had to lead a group just like the Tea Party movement to show up at the houses of British representatives and run them out of town. He did it a number of times when British representatives over stepped their bounds. He was one of the greatest agitators for revolution in the cause of freedom in American history. We are seeing his spirit today in DC, and I know exactly what he would say; God Bless them!

Many commentators are very cautious not to say this could cause civil unrest. I will tell you, if this doesn’t cause civil unrest we can say goodbye to our country. We are seeing the first step to civil unrest through these protests. This will culminate in the 2010 elections. If the grievances are still not addressed by our representatives after the election, the only choice the American people will have is the same one that founded this great nation; civil unrest leading to a revolution. It is in our blood, it is in our history, it is in our founding documents, and our founders would expect nothing less. We must be willing to pledge our lives and fortunes for our freedom and country just as our founders did.

Today’s protest is bigger than the impact of the healthcare bill; it is a protest to show our government the American people are willing to take the action necessary to defend our freedom. We are not sheep. This is a government of the people, and we are showing the political class who is in charge.

As Governor of the state of Colorado, I will be reaffirming the Tenth Amendment and challenging the Sixteenth to bring back the correct balance between the state and the federal government. It will take the same will we are seeing today in DC protesting against healthcare. If we don’t fix the root cause of this problem then the healthcare fight is just the beginning. If we reaffirm the constitution by electing Tenth Amendment Governors, healthcare will be the final fight before the constitution is put back to its rightful place, and the American Dream will once again be the driving force in a chaotic world…

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