Friday, March 5, 2010

Ten Things Governors Can Do to Stop the Federal Government…

1) Read the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and particularly the Tenth Amendment. Then read “The Real Thomas Jefferson” or “Samuel Adams A – Life.” If you don’t walk away from reading these books and documents and scratching your head wondering what happened to our republic, you are probably a progressive liberal and you won’t get elected anyway. Governors should walk away with a renewed passion to take back state control from the federal government with a renewed confidence.

2) Pass state constitutional amendments to challenge the Sixteenth Amendment. In Colorado I would like to see individual and corporate federal income taxes limited to 15%. Other states may want a different number. The sixteenth allows for direct taxation of income but a limit will challenge the ability of the federal government to borrow and spend beyond their constitutional authority. We need to challenge the federal government’s ability to take wealth at their discretion from our state.

3) Start the repeal process of the Seventeenth Amendment which will return the selection of federal senators back to the state legislatures. This will reverse the power out of Washington and away from the lobbyists back to the state government where accountability belongs. Lobbyists will have to convince 50 state legislative bodies that their ideas are good instead of centralized access in DC. No government structure is perfect but the closer it is to the people the easier it is for the people to change.

4) Audit all federal programs and determine their constitutionality and nullify all laws that are impacting the state budget that are determined unconstitutional.

5) Align all state wages, benefits, and pensions with the private sector in those states and strike federal employment regulations from the books.

6) Refocus the National Governors Association to work on a reform process to bring back all state responsibilities to the state like education, healthcare for the elderly and social programs. Hold federal government accountable for securing our borders and eliminate sanctuary cities. Take back the power vested in the states by the constitution.

7) Support a US constitutional amendment to limit terms of the US house and senate.

8) Support a US constitutional amendment to require a federal balanced budget.

9) Support a US constitutional amendment to open the Federal Reserve to congressional scrutiny.

10) Stop looking to the federal government for the mess that the states are in. Admit that our problems are not because we don’t have enough government; but that we have created too much government and pledge to reset our founding principles and sell it to our constituents.

This is a beginning to the process of real reform. The 50 governors need to reset the authority based on the constitution. The governors are the most powerful political leaders in the country; purposely protected in the constitution, but only if the governor’s exercise their rightful powers. We need to pledge we will no longer send money to the federal government for unconstitutional uses. We will no longer comply with federal extortion. We will fulfill our obligations and responsibilities to the people.

We have this as our weapon; “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Let the return to a prosperous and lawful United States begin…

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